It was your time. You had to go. We knew you’d leave. We hoped you’d stay. The love you shared is mine forever. It gives me strength for future days. I have our memories, of times of laughter, of times of quarrels. Of small disasters, and times of tears. Of loss and victories, of fear and courage, to help me heal. Now that you’re gone, I’ll hold on fast, to what you gave. I’ll cherish all, that we went through. I’ll make it last, I promise you. Till time claims me, I’ll carry on your memory.

This poem was written by mother to honor her mother, my grandmother (or Oma, as I called her) who passed away peacefully in her sleep today.

Rest in Peace, Oma. You are missed and your memory will stay alive in our hearts and minds forever. Thank you for passing your strength, courage and love on to my mother. I hope I have inherited just a tiny bit of what made you the inspiration to all that were blessed to have had you in their lives. <3

January 21, 1927 - February 14, 2014


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